Call for Clinical Abstracts

New to this year’s conference, we invite the submission of clinical abstracts. Our goal is to bring together technical researchers and clinicians to identify unmet clinical needs, explore potential technical solutions, and/or demonstrate the translation of novel technologies to clinical care. Abstracts will be non-archival by default. Select abstracts may be published in a book of abstracts by the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal. Upon submission, you may choose to indicate if you wish to have your abstract considered for publication in this collection.

We seek submissions from clinicians and teams partnering with clinicians on novel uses of digital health technologies. Abstracts could focus on introducing new clinical problems, preliminary successes, and demonstration of technological solutions relevant to the following topics. Teams will have the opportunity to present their work as posters and lightning talks and attend the full conference. These abstracts will focus on applications of digital health technologies in domains such as (but not limited to):

  • Clinical translation and application of digital health technologies in clinical settings or remote health settings.
  • Use of digital health technologies for diagnosis and treatment decision-making.
  • Point-of-care technologies for clinical care in remote and underserved settings.

Please use the following template for your structured abstracts. Please note, you must have a clinician co-author to be considered for this track.

Important: The authors will have the option to submit the full paper version of their abstract to the journals of their choice. Our editorial team has established partnerships with Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal, and Frontiers in Digital Health to support concurrent or successive publication of the full paper version. You may also choose to have the abstract itself considered for publication through the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal. When submitting the abstract please include (or remove) the statement that will allow you to indicate your desire to have the abstract itself considered for publication or not.