Doug Barton, MBA

Doug Barton

What Can We Learn From the Toughest Endurance Bike Race on Earth?

In June, Doug and his IBM colleagues jumped into a follow vehicle to make an unheralded, two week-long ultra cycling race called the Race Across America a proving ground for the value of advanced biometric sensors, algorithms and external weather data real for 3x top American finisher Dave Haase.  Dave completed the 3,000-mile course that crosses 4 mountain ranges and 170,000 vertical feet from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean in just 8 days and 20 hours.  This is the fastest time in more than 15 years by an American and a full day faster than his best performance ever.  Together, Dave and the IBM team demonstrated that this is the moment for real-time sensors and advanced analytics.  With these tools, you can create your own luck with foresight born from great modeling, predictive analytics, external weather data, and decision optimization all hosted on the cloud.  Join this presentation to learn how good design thinking and agile data analysis led to a breakthrough in individual performance in the challenging setting of a transcontinental bike race.

Doug Barton is Director of Marketing, IBM Analytic Solutions.  Doug is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Doug is also a 6x Ironman-distance triathlete which fuels his passion for the best preparation and race execution to unlock the unrealized potential of athletes.