BSN 2016

Welcome to IEEE EMBS 13th Annual International Body Sensor Networks Conference website and registration. This dynamic gathering of students, academic researchers  and industrial experts  is at the cutting edge of the body sensor industry as wearable biosensor systems are becoming increasingly pervasive.

Although many of these devices currently target the consumer market, the potential for high-grade sensors is increasingly evident.  These tools increase opportunities to measure physiology and behavior in the wild (ie., outside of the laboratory).   Evolving algorithms and math models turn these measurements into actionable information.

Applications range from performance monitoring and enhancement in athletes, soldiers, and first responders to assistive technologies that improve quality of life in chronic diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.  Additionally, the opportunity to change the conduct of clinical trials and basic chronic disease management is compelling.

The conference will address BSN research and offer participants the unique BSN forum to discuss the key issues and innovative solutions for sensor and systems development, math modeling, data management,  interpretation and communications.  This meeting will highlight:

  • Development of new wearable systems including electrotextiles and minimally invasive sensors
  • Health and performance monitoring applications such as energy balance, hydration status, extreme performance and limits of performance, biomechanical fatigue and injury risk, environmental exposures monitoring, and aviation and diving safety
  • Strategies for human and animal behavioral monitoring including mood state, cognitive status, vigilance, and sleep quality
  • Clinical applications to improve objective health assessments, remote telemedical assessments, and everyday health status monitoring and systems that enhance patient self management and quality of life
  • Characterizing quality of data and regulatory compliance requirements for medical management applications
  • Wearable data security and privacy considerations
  • Next generation body powered, nanosensors, and minimally invasive implantable measurement systems

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