What Can We Learn From the Toughest Endurance Bike Race on Earth?
Doug Barton, MBA
Director of Marketing, IBM Analytic Solutions

Smart shoes reach the clinic: Wearable sensor-based instrumented gait analysis in Parkinson’s disease
Bjoern Eskofier, PhD
Assistant Professor for Computer Science in Sports, FAU

Wearables: the bridge between the Consumer and Healthcare industries?
Jim Glasheen, PhD
General Partner, Technology Partners

Wearable sensors as game changers in chronic disease management:  achieving physiological homeostasis in diabetes
David C. Klonoff, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Body Powered Sensors:  The Next Generation of Wearables
Veena Misra, PhD
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University

Connecting Emotions, Brain, and Behavior with Wearables
Rosalind Picard, ScD
Director, Affective Computing Research Group, MIT