Inside – Out and Outside – In, Next Generation Medical Devices to Improve Well Being
Melissa Knothe Tate, Chun Wang –  UNSW Sidney

Towards a Less Intrusive Sleep Monitoring System
Carolina Varon, Xi Long –  KU Leuven / Philips

Human Hydration Monitoring Technologies
Karl Friedl, Matthias Ring  – UCSF/USARIEM / Friedrich- Alexander-Universität

Non Contact Monitoring Technologies
Daniel Teichmann, Steffen Leonhardt – Erlangen-Nürnberg RWTH Aachen

Nutrition and Dietary Monitoring
Oliver Amft, Benny Lo, Guang-Zhong Yang  – University of Passau / Imperial College London

SPINE: Signal Processing in Node Environment
Giancarlo Fortino, Raffaele Gravina  – University of Calabria

BSN Student Colloquium
Steffen Leonhardt, Marian Walter – RWTH Aachen