Ravi Kuppuraj, Ph.D.

Advances in Sensing Technologies and the Increasingly Complex Needs of our Healthcare System – how are they influencing each other?


Ravi heads the Connected Sensing and Wearables Venture (CSV) at Philips. Ravi is a medical industry entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in patient monitoring, and healthcare IT. Prior to CSV, Ravi co-founded and served as the CTO at InfoBionic, that developed MoMeTM – a cloud-based, universal patient monitoring solution with unprecedented analytics that allows physicians to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat patients.

Ravi served as the Vice President of Research and Development at Draeger Medical, a global powerhouse in patient monitoring, anesthesia delivery, and respiration, and headed R&D efforts at SpaceLabs Medical, in Seattle, where he was instrumental in driving the development of key technologies and products in patient monitoring solutions, and was the General Manager for their India operations. In addition

Earlier in his career, Ravi was involved with several successful med-tech startups, including CardioNet, Pharsight, and IMACS. Ravi holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a PhD and MS in biomedical engineering from Louisiana Tech University and University of Miami respectively, and a BSEE from Bangalore University.