Ralf Brederlow, Ph.D.

Trends in Microelectronics and Resulting Opportunities for Medical Body Sensing Application


Ralf Brederlow started his career at Corporate Research of Infineon Technologies in 1999 working on security aspects of MCUs, and sensor systems for bio-medical applications. In 2006 he joined Texas Instrument in Freising, Germany, being responsible for the research and development of new circuits and technology for TI’s MSP430 ultra-low power microcontrollers. This product family is still considered to be the lowest power MCU in the market and is used in many medical applications. In 2014 he joined Texas Instrument’s Kilby Labs to start a branch of TI’s research division at the Freising site, managing predevelopment for TI in Europe. Ralf Brederlow is a member of VDE, DPG, and a Senior Member of IEEE.