Icehouse Challenge


A Competition to Create the Future of Wearable Tactical Communication and Support Systems

In the USA alone there are over 23.5 million highly trained first responders risking their lives daily.

The goal of this competitive challenge is to create tools that enhance their situational awareness, making their job safer and easier. It’s up to you to integrate physiological and environmental sensor data into a display that provides context sensitive and actionable information using minimal manual input.

Ice House Challenge Sponsor

Ice House Challenge Sponsor

Equipped with an Android smart phone, a Sony Smart Band, and Sony Smart Eyeglasses, real first responders will use YOUR applications to help them through a live-action training simulation. For the final evaluation developers will have to write an application that integrates with these sensors and displays.

In the final demonstration various threats that are typically encountered by responders will be modeled electronically. These “sensor readings” and the data provided by the smart phone and Smart Band will have to be incorporated by the developers into a heads up display (HUD) that allows the team of responders to perform their actions efficiently.

Teams need to submit a one page proposal describing their idea for an augmented reality based tactical HUD and associated structures to:

  • Track and display user biometrics
  • Allow for victim triage
  • Alert the user to hazards in a context sensitive manner
  • Allow users to interact with the system
  • Display the position of users and their teammates
  • Summarize team performance
  • Permit easy communication between team members 

Special attention should be paid to tools that will work in conditions routinely experienced by responders such as while wearing heavy gloves or in the presence of loud noise.

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